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Jeff Rearick proposed this definition in an email.
Domain: a region of circuitry which uses a common access network with a specific protocol in which operations can be retargeted.
Michele commented: An example is the Capture-Shift-Update Domain defined by a JTAG AccessPoint
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Ian McIntosh
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Re: Domain

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I'm perhaps being a pedant but I'm a little uncomfortable with this: 'Domain' is such a widely used word that I think needs qualifying - we can delineate regions of circuitry into 'domains' for many reasons: 'Power domains', 'RF/digital domains', 'clean/dirty domains", etc., so while this definition may be correct and pertinent to it's intended usage, it isn't a definition for all uses of 'domain'. Maybe it's an 'access domain' or perhaps even a '1687.1 access domain'?
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