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This post is about the term "Component" and how that relates to P2654, P1687.1, 1687, and 1149.1-2013.

From IEEE Std 1149.1-2013:
Component: An active or passive electronic part. For the sake of this standard, this usually refers to an integrated circuit, although it could include non-integrated-circuit devices mounted on a board. See also: chip.

From IEEE Std 1687-2014:
Component: A hardware entity that is one of the primitive building blocks of the network, including storage elements, multiplexers, and logic.

From discussions in the IEEE P2654 Working Group:
Jan: Should we specify resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc. as examples of components for STAM? Is a logic gate a STAM primitive?
Ian: At what point does a primitive building block transform into a component on its own?
Jon: There are all kinds of things called chips. Resistors, capacitors, IC’s.
Ian: IC is thought as more of a mountable active component. Vs passive component.
Jon: Is an IC only a passive device?
Terry: Integrated into a single fabrication process.
Louis: Active element group (includes active element and corresponding passive components necessary to make the circuit work)
Brad: Probably have to straddle between 1149.1-2013 and 1687 terminology and settle for the smallest unit (entity) of definition of a term to follow
Ian: Might be better to avoid using this term altogether
Brian: It tends to be an overly broad term
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