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This post is about the term "Chip" and how that relates to P2654, P1687.1, 1687, and 1149.1-2013.
From 1149.1-2013:
Chip: Typically mounted on a board or some other package with other components. The more general term “component” is normally used in this standard for a compliant object as there may be multiple integrated circuits in a package, even when they behave as a single object. Syn.: integrated circuit (IC).
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Re: Chip

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I have issues with "chip" in general. I think many people, myself included often, will use "chip" in the general sense of "silicon chip", roughly equating to "an integrated circuit" without much regard for what is inside the device package. But you'll get some people that will argue chip as an equivalent to a die, hence "multi-chip module". Then others will think in terms of surface mount "chip resistors", "chip capacitors", etc. As a result, I find myself trying to avoid using "chip" and looking for some more definitive term to use instead, but what I choose is often dependent on who the audience is.
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