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Data Format

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Data formats
Possibly STAPL bytecode version if it exist , I remember Altera Jam player used .jam files and jam byte code used .jbc files ;compressed format. Don't know if the current byte code player is stapl compliant.

Using an external controller, I used a proprietary scheme to select the scan path, then I executed the stapl actions. I used a piece meal sequence file to incorperate a sequence of events, small individual steps were needed to create a level of diagnostics.

pseudo code in sequence file
select path1
update dev1
select path2
update dev2
select path 1 and 2
test interconnect1 ( checks cable 1)
test interconnect2 ( checks cable 2)
test interconnect n ( checks bd1 to bd2 connection)

Is 1532 isc a viable choice? Don't know if there are any free isc players out there. Because Altera offered free source for the jam player it is an attractive alternative.