Use Case Discussions

Discussion on the justification for SJTAG in each of the identified Use Cases: Alternatives, cost benefits and penalties
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Use Case Discussions

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Use Case "owners" should create a new topic for their Use Case, using the Use Case title as the "Subject". The initial post should include a baseline opinion on the justification for including SJTAG in a design.

Counter-arguments in reply are encouraged as well as supporting arguments!

Use Case "Champions":
  • Structural Test - Heiko Ehrenberg
  • Configuration/Tuning/Instrumentation - Brad Van Treuren
  • Software Debug- Brad Van Treuren
  • Built-In Self Test - Ian McIntosh
  • Fault Injection - Ian McIntosh
  • Programming/Updates - Brad Van Treuren
  • Root Cause Analysis/Failure Mode Analysis - Brad Van Treuren
  • Power-on Self Test - Brad Van Treuren
  • Environmental Stress Test - Brad Van Treuren
  • Device Versioning - Peter Horwood
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