Update to Operating Procedures

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Ian McIntosh
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Update to Operating Procedures

Post by Ian McIntosh » Thu Jan 20, 2011 7:41 pm

Draft update presented for Jan 17 meeting:

2.7 Officers
2.7.1 Offices of the Group
The Working Group shall have the offices of Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Editor and the positions are held in perpetuity, subject to annual reaffirmation (section 2.7.3). The roles of Secretary and Editor may be combined or undertaken by the Chair and Vice-chair.

2.7.2 Election of Officers
The election of one or more new officer(s) can be initiated upon the approval of a properly seconded motion. Simple majority of the voting-eligible membership (section 2.3) is sufficient to both approve the motion and for election to office.
Candidates for office must first signal their availability to serve, and be proposed and seconded by rostered members.

2.7.3 Reaffirmation of Officers
Incumbents shall each be reaffirmed in role on an annual basis by an informal vote (section 5.1). Nominally, reaffirmation will take place during January of each year, but may be advanced or delayed by one month to accommodate extenuating circumstances.
Should it be necessary to replace any officer following the reaffirmation vote, then the formal election process of section 2.7.2 shall be followed.

Heiko offered to draft an additional paragraph to cover confidential reporting to TTSG.
Ian McIntosh
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Heiko Ehrenberg
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Re: Update to Operating Procedures

Post by Heiko Ehrenberg » Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:55 am

following is a proposal for an addition to clause 2.7:

2.7.4 Addressing concerns about performance of officers
If any member of the Working Group has concerns about the performance of any of the officers, an attempt shall be made to resolve such concerns or conflicts with the respective officer(s). If the Working Group member does not feel comfortable addressing the concerns directly with the respective officer or any other Working Group officers, the issue should be brought to the TTSG chair (http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/ttsg/). If the concerns cannot be resolved, a Vote of No Confidence can be initiated at any time upon the approval of a properly seconded motion.
- Heiko

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